Sunday, 30 September 2012

Corporate Entertainers Can Teach Your Think-Team Effective Brainstorming Techniques

By: Stephen Daniels
Are you worried that you might someday find your team's brainstorming sessions producing no more than a light drizzle? Maybe, for instance, you're seeing that it's always the same few people contributing, which might lead to the same old ideas emerging again and again. If you are looking for a way to get your team's creative juices flowing while keeping them entertained and engaged, you might want to consider hiring - are you ready for this? - a corporate comedian.

Many of the best corporate entertainers could be more accurately called "corporate communications coaches." These highly trained performers can teach your team important business tools as they entertain, and many come equipped with special programs to teach a variety of innovative and creative brainstorming techniques that get proven results.

We're all familiar with the office water-cooler conversations in which people repeat funny one-liners from whatever was on TV the night before. It is a well-known fact that people tend to remember things that make them laugh, and that humor helps with the retention of information. Corporate comedians are well aware of this, and are experts in making people laugh as they impart valuable information that will be remembered and used.

As mentioned above, one of the things a qualified corporate entertainer can teach is effective brainstorming. They all know that one of the keys to good brainstorming is to elicit ideas from as many people as possible. Sometimes throwing out an idea, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, can be just the ticket to a new great group idea. Just a few of the innovative ways this can be achieved is through the use of engaging exercises such as time travel games, make-believe teleportation, and reversing or changing the normal roles of everybody in the room.

Corporate comedians are generally hired through agencies, and are tested and trained comedy professionals. Some of these pros have decades of experience in front of crowds, and it shows. The most important thing is that they know how to teach in a way that will hold your group's attention, and keep them entertained so they will retain and appreciate the information presented.

Don't wait until creative entropy sets in; the time to keep fresh ideas flowing is now. Take a good look around and find a corporate entertainer who specializes in brainstorming programs. Your team will appreciate having a fun diversion that also teaches them how to do their jobs more effectively, and you'll enjoy the higher productivity and boost in your team's morale.
Stephen Daniels is an acclaimed NetBiz SEO 2.0 researcher. If you need an entertainer for your next event, he recommends corporate communication coach and comedian Tim Clue. With a decade of college teaching experience and a double master's in communication and performance, Tim has entertained clients for over 20 years.

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