Sunday, 30 September 2012

Customer Service Is Not An 'Add On' Initiative.

By: Jed McCall
It is not a management strategy or a project - Customer service is what retailers do... Full stop. It is not about smiles, not about tolerating rude customers or solving customer complaints. It is something altogether different - and that is the challenge that a retailer faces. To create and deliver profitable customer experiences. It is not even about buying, merchandising or pricing. It is about how buying, merchandising and pricing 'could' create a positive customer experience.

So lets assume that your products and services offering is a good match for your location and customer profile. You know the pricing points that your customers respond to. Naturally the quality of your products and services is important to your success. Now focus on your front line this is where your employees are and they are the ones that make it happen.

Now here it comes and before you throw your hands up in horror think about this: Is it not time to pay your employees more, you can then expect more and you will undoubtedly get more. It is true that people who value their role with you, your company and customer base have a huge positive effect on your top line sales. The other side of this coin is equally true. People who are unhappy, have no job satisfaction coupled with a poor quality of life will have a negative impact.

As the world of Internet shopping continues to grow, the retailers who survive to offer products and services to the consumer face to face, will need to have in place a much improved shopping experience than is evident today. Many retailers are aware of the changes and are taking steps to improve space allocation, embarking on marketing incentives, but still not giving enough thought to their people. People make change happen, they drive progress.

So consider stepping outside the box. Lead the way - pay your employees a more reasonable wage, offer full time status and benefits, offer benefits also to part time staff. You will then have created a Legacy for your future business. Your people can then benefit from a decent standart of living which will give them quality of life and job satisfaction because you have provided it, do you think they will reciprocate? There is no question about it reciprocity is a fact. Retailers who have the courage to take this step have reaped the benefits of a loyal and buying customer base. The 'cost' is in line with your top line sales, employee costs as a percentage of turnover, the percentage does not change.

Make change happen - and consider, benefits appeal to emotion's, features appeal to logic. Logic justifies emotions and it is emotions that drive sales.
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