Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tips To Avoid Wasting Valuable Talent

Tuesday 26 June, 2007
Many organisations fail to get the most out of their employees because of senior management indifference, line management lack of effort and silo mentalities. Talent management is not an 'HR problem'; it is a senior management problem.
  • Understand the business imperative and build talent management into your business strategy.
  • Make this strategy visible and transparent and communicate it to the business and the individuals.
  • Ensure that senior management is committed to talent management initiatives.
  • Constantly nurture your best talent, rather than just doing the year-end performance review.
  • Communicate with your best employees about possibilities of promotion and leadership opportunities.
  • Make line managers unambiguously responsible for developing the skills and knowledge of their employees.
  • Include people development as a specific criterion in management performance assessments.
  • Ensure senior management is also accountable for acting as responsible role models for developing staff talent.
  • Break down internal silos by moving talented employees around, for example by rotations and international assignments.
  • Create formal networks to foster the relationships that promote sharing knowledge across divisions/business units.
  • Give line managers the opportunity to spend time specifically on people development.
  • Provide line managers with appropriate people management training.

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